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Singing in the Rain. Picture courtsey of Greese Paint Productions, Loughbrough.

Rain FX for Singing in the Rain

This two rain bar unit was designed for the big production numbers in ‘Singing in the Rain’ and was very successfully used as in the pictures shown; in fact it got an ovation twice every night!

 A stage rake was created and the reservoir tank was put in the orchestra pit to allow natural gravity collection and re-circulation of filtered water.

 An industrial pump sited in the tank fed a large bore pressure hose which terminated on stage for the Stage manager to control. The pump, pressure, individual rain bar output and drain down capabilities were controlled in this unit.

The bars are fitted to standard stage barrels using clamps and fed by flexible pressure hose.

The Rain bars were set just below the lighting bars and in close proximity to the downward wash lights.

Testing found optimum bar length and the output was adjusted to create fall onto the acting area with minimal spill into other areas.

Control allowed anything from very light rain in droplets to more water than the actors can handle, without emptying the reservoir tank.

The shutter delay in the pictures tends to make the rain look as if it is in long trickles but in fact it falls as realistic droplets with practically no shut off dripping.

The bars were also made to rock by hand to vary the pattern a little..

The equipment is now based in Nottingham and is  available for hire as an installed package, but hirer operated, there being too many variables to D I Y, e.g.: water supply requirements, heads of pressure, stage width, power supplies etc and of course, safety issues.

The kit can be tailored to your venue and production, from a simple shower in a small area to a full deluge across the width of your stage, in two rain curtains.

Costs will vary for complexity and delivery distance, but this equipment bridges the gap between the fully touring kit with operators and the hosepipe over a tray scenario!

The costs should be well within the budgets of Regional Theatre and Amateur productions for this sort of effect.

Advice can be given on creating a ‘rake stage’ and perhaps alternatives, but it is not part of the hire package.

The equipment was designed by industrial water pumping engineers and theatre practitioners with a view to making it Reliable, Flexible and User practical.   

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Pictures courtesy of Greasepaint Productions. Loughborough.



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